31” x 33” x 22”

Bronze limited edition

#1/12, Purchased and soon to be installed at King George Terrace scenic viewpoint in Oak Bay
#2/12, $23,000 + GST

The “Winds of Time” and the Salish Sea have brought together an extraordinary confluence of peoples with nature.
The large female figure, rising from the Salish Sea, personifies the beautiful spirit of this place with its unstoppable elements of wind and time. With her knowing smile she seems to say that she has seen it all, and knows what is to come!
We are given a window into the world of the First Nations who have resided on these shores since time immemorial and their reverence for nature. The speaker at the bow of the dugout seeks permission (metaphorically) to come into the territory of the orcas, while the sailboat on the opposite side carries a family who are in awe of their power and grace.
All have an affinity… but connect differently.
The sea surrounding her with its abundance of life, gives us a reminder of our incredible natural world and the need to find a genuine confluence in this wonderful place where we have all come together.
Winds of Time is cast in bronze for its timeless beauty and durability.
It took 10 months of designing, sculpting, and then casting Winds of Time in bronze. It was an amazing journey that I would love to share with you through a complimentary one hour slide presentation.


Side View Detail     Back View     On Location     Front View Detail