Student Endorsements

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your course! Every week I can hardly wait for class to start!

- Marie


You are a fabulous teacher Linda and having spent my 32 years in close daily contact with teachers and being one myself, it is a gift for me to be taught by an outstanding educator of your caliber. I love the way you keep your thumb on the heartbeat of the class. You know when we need help and when to just let us be in our zen sculpting state! The wonderful music, fresh baked cookies and tea are much appreciated touches. But best of all is that you are a master at your art and you know how to teach and pass that knowledge on to others and you do so with patience, understanding and a gentleness that encourages me. That is a rare and an amazing gift!

You are making a dream come true for me...

- Kim


I was driving home tonight thinking of Bill and you of course... as you are making a dream come true for me... Bill is becoming life like to me which is very emotional... I realize you love your work which makes me appreciate your incredible talent.

I can't think of any other class over the years in which I've learned so much.

- Caroline


I just wanted to say how immensely I have enjoyed this class! I can't think of any other class over the years that I have found as fun to participate in and in which I've learned so much. That's pretty much all about your instructional technique and talent.

I talked with another student after our last class and we are feeling this class is tailored for us.

- Bernice


I talked with Dee after our last class this past Friday and we are feeling this is tailored for us. Dee came out of a sort of flaky university arts program from one of Ontario's difficult to get into universities where she felt she didn't get the basics. That little bit of info from her is encouraging for me because I would have liked to have gone to a similar program and wondered if I missed out but after talking with her I now feel that I am getting the best instruction.