18” x 8” x 8”
Bronze limited edition #1/12
$9,500 CAD + GST

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This sculpture was born out of a great need to express some of the important things that I learned while on our trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2008.

In Africa… The woman is the “head” of the family, the children are the heart of Africa, but the man who provides … creates a firm foundation!

Nzwani is a husband, who is very proud of his beautiful wife and child; and this is how he appeared as he introduced them to me…I hope you can feel his pride and love. These are the people who are the caretakers of the home that my husband’s parents built with their own hands, and where my husband grew up, in Harare, Zimbabwe, which was then, Salisbury, Rhodesia.

BTW: The original way to spell “Afrika” was with a “K“. I observed that it is sometimes still spelled that way…

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