July 11-12, 2020
Special COVID-19 small group session
1:00 – 4:00 pm •  6 hours

Would you like to complete your fired sculpture with a beautiful final “patina”?

In this workshop you will be given direction on how to use many supplies in combination. With guided experimentation and demonstrations, you will discover a unique and beautiful finish for your fired sculpture.

Limit of 4 students

Cost: $195 + GST – includes materials

2020 Spring Workshop

Special COVID-19 small group session – 4 students only!
July 20 – 24 Level I
July 27 – 31 Level II
9:00 am – 3:30 pm (Break from 12:00 – 1:30 pm) •  Monday – Friday •  23 hours

LEVEL I: Learn to sculpt the adult face, with beautifully formed features and expressions! Instruction includes: numerous sculpting demonstrations, anatomical and proportional slide presentations, and guided practice through 3-5 faces of different types and expressions.  All are welcome in Level I

LEVEL II: Develop greater expertise. Learn to sculpt gender & racial differences, while also expanding your ability to sculpt facial expressions.  Experience necessary for Level II

Limit of 4 students

Cost: $745 + GST – includes materials

10% discount when paying for more than one Facial workshop at a time.




Six Week Courses

Limit of 6 students per course or workshop unless there is need for Covid-19 restrictions in the Fall.

If so… each class will be divided into two groups of 3 students which will meet at different times for 2 hours. This will increase one-to-one instructional time, while decreasing exposure to one another. The price will be the same. My COVID-19 Policy will apply.

Tuesdays ∙ 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Sep 8 – Oct 13
Oct 20 – Nov 24

Wednesdays ∙ 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Sep 9 – Oct 14
Oct 21 – Nov 25

Would you like to learn to sculpt your own ideas?

In this exciting open-ended course you will have the freedom to sculpt from your own ideas. You can choose to work from photos of a subject, your own model, or imagination. Human busts, figures, animals, wildlife, or abstracts are all possibilities! This class has been designed to meet individual needs with one-on-one instruction and demonstrations. It provides great flexibility for students of all levels, giving an opportunity for beginners to sample sculpting while those who want to create complex pieces can work on them during multiple terms.

All levels welcome

Cost: $345 + GST – 18 hours over 6 weeks
Cost: $690 + GST – 36 hours over 12 weeks
Supplies not included

10% discount when paying for more than one 6 week course at a time (e.g., $621 for 12 weeks).

Free Demonstrations / Presentations

Linda Lindsay gives FREE demonstrations and presentations periodically. Send your name through our contact form if you are interested.

Private & Semi-Private Instruction

Students who wish to study with Linda Lindsay in focused private or semi-private lessons can contact her for availability.