18” x 13”
Terracotta limited edition #1/4
$3,000 CAD + GST
Cold Cast Bronze, limited edition #1/8
$3,500 CAD + GST
All profits of the first three sold will be donated to create the Children’s Village.

This sculpture was inspired by the work of an amazing group of Ugandan Christians who travel all over their country offering spiritual guidance, educational support, and a dental outreach program for children and villagers who are in need. They are a non-profit group of Ugandans who have sought out the help of three Victoria Churches; Providence, Cornerstone, and Lighthouse, that are raising funds to create a village for orphaned children, who will be cared for by women that have become widowed or impoverished. The goal is to create a supportive environment of family, education, good nutrition, and faith, where they will all have medical care, and where the mothers and oldest children will have an opportunity to learn a marketable trade.

I will donate all profits from the first three sales of “The Children’s Village” bas-reliefs for the purpose of creating the Children’s Village in Uganda.

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