COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 POLICY (Updated January 9, 2021)

I welcomed my students back in May 2020, and all have said that they are very comfortable with the studio protocols.

My goal is to make certain that the studio will remain open for all students throughout COVID and beyond. Theses protocols will ensure that I am able to provide a very low risk environment for you, your families, and for mine. They follow the guidelines of Dr. Bonnie Henry, and have been established with a lot of thought and help from my students and family.

Precautions and protocols:

  • If you have any symptoms of illness…Please do not come
  • If I’m unwell: I will reschedule class
  • If coughing or sneezing begins: keep your mask in place while also covering your nose and mouth completed with the elbow of your sleeve or folded paper or cloth towel, then step outside until it stops.
  • If coughing or sneezing persists, or if any other symptom develops during class, please excuse yourself
  • If you develop symptoms of COVID during the week, please get tested and let me know your results ASAP, so that any who may have been exposed can isolate themselves.
  • Please keep me updated on your health and let me know if there is anything you need
  • If you have traveled by public transport in a situation where you’ve been unable to social distance, or feel concerned that you may have been exposed to COVID-19 for any reason, please do not come to class for two weeks
  • If you have traveled internationally, by air or otherwise… do not come to class for the required two week period of quarantine
  • If you develop COVID, all symptoms must be gone, and you must test negative before you return to class

Make-up classes will be available indefinitely to any student who misses class during this period (available when there is an opening in an existing class)

  • All surfaces that students touch are disinfected between classes
  • Spacers have been placed between students to mark out each other’s areas
  • Social distancing: 2m of distance between students is provided and should always be observed
  • Masks: Level 3 surgical masks will be provided to ensure consistent coverage for all students, at no cost. A level 2 mask can be provided and worn with the level 3 mask for additional coverage if desired. Everyone wears studio provided masks, unless they wish to use an N95 mask (or equivalent) that they own, or couple a level 2 or 3 mask with a non-surgical mask of their choosing,. All masks must be dedicated for use in the studio only. Double masking may be needed if COVID numbers continue to rise in Victoria
  • I wear the KN95 and a level 2 or level 3 mask combined, I may even wear a shield if the incidence of COVID continues to rise, since I am close to you while instructing
  • Please step away I meter while I give you instruction and demonstrations
  • Limited borrowing from instructor if needed (not from students) Place tools in the return basket so they can be sanitized
  • Individualized: wash buckets, soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and lotion are provided for each student
  • Please sanitize or wash thoroughly before and after class (for your safety and mine)

Thank you for your willingness to follow these precautions. It is deeply appreciated!


Linda Lindsay